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Pong Amped To The Next Level

Spinball is a sports game developed by Button Punch Games LLC. Button Punch Games is an independent game development company driven to create digital entertainment for everyone. Their very first game maintains the principles of the classic game Pong while adding new gameplay features to make it more interesting for old and new players.

A More Competitive Take to a Classic

Spinball is a simple sports game with a single objective: raise the highest scores by bouncing the ball towards the opponent’s goal. Each goal is located at the opposite sides of the playing field. Each match is limited with time and score. The first player to reach the set amount of points within the time limit wins. Although the core gameplay is similar to Pong, there are still variations that makes this game fresh and different from its main inspiration. The paddle can be rotated by the players instead of staying at a static vertical position. This allows players to change the trajectory of the ball and make them bounce in an unblockable angle. The paddle is also movable across the playing field compared to Pong where it only stays at x-axis or vertical direction. The ball has a very sensitive reaction when hit by the rotating paddle. The ball bounces so fast, it can travel from left to right. Having a very bouncy ball can be very disadvantageous since the ball can repeatedly hit the player’s own goal while the opponent gains scores multiple times. They could accidentally score against their self or own team as the ball travels to their own goal. On the brighter side, they can use that feature as an advantage to trick their opponents when they go very defensive with their tactics. Rotating paddles and a fast traveling ball open new possibilities for strategy and game dynamics. Players can expect fast-paced matches and more fun gameplay compared to Pong.

More than a tribute to Pong

Upon setting up the match, players can adjust the game’s parameters such as player or team color, paddle type, time limit, match number and the score limit for the next match. When the game ends as one player or a team wins, the game provides score tables with statistics that tabulate everyone’s performance. They gain information how many times did they scored a goal, assist their teammates, accidentally scored against themselves and their skills rating. Players can opt to continue the game or quit for another setup. The sports game comes a single or multiplayer mode. Players can compete against rival A.I. or other players online. They can also form teams of two or four players.

Competitive Classic Gameplay

Spinball may resemble a Pong clone but due to its low presence in the gaming scene, it would not be that bad to try this game. It is easy to pick up and learn. This is ideal for parties and casual events with friends. 


  • Familiar and easy to learn gameplay
  • Can be played solo or multiplayer
  • Match parameters can be set up easily
  • Supports keyboard and game controller


  • Could be too similar to Pong
  • Could be confused with Sonic Spinball
  • Too simplistic graphics
  • The balls could bounce too much

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Spinball for PC

  • Paid
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